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We’re so confident in our services that we are happy to give the first one away.Try us out, and your first deliverable is completely free. This will give you an idea of what we deliver and how quickly we can do it. We created examples to give you an inside view to our unparalleled level of quality and excellence.

Search Ring Analysis

Our simple form offers much more than basic information. The goal is to pin point the preferred areas in a ring and address initial problems that may cause concern for the future tower build.
The Search Ring Analysis package includes:
• Overview and Summary of the Search Area
• Detailed List of Nearby Towers
• Full Zoning Analysis
• Search Ring TOPO/Floodplain Photos
This four-page form is a complete guide that is unique to each and every search ring.

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Site-Acq Jumpstart

The Jumpstart includes everything the Basic Scrub offers with the addition of selected potential candidate options, an interactive Google Earth file which includes all Ring Analysis information, and the option to send selected candidates a “Letter of Interest” to get the ball rolling. Proposed options are selected based on whether the site is zoneable, leasable, and buildable.

Additional information includes:
• Candidate Parcel Information
• Property Description
• Street View and Overview Photos
• Proposed Lease Location (based on site specific zoning regulations)

This scrub option is designed to provide Site-Acq. agents all the information needed to stay quick and efficient.

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SCIP Package

Compiling a SCIP can be a daunting and cumbersome task. Our goal is to provide a consistent and accurate product, and to also allow Site-Acq agents more time to focus on Landlord negotiation and relationship building.

SCIP Packages include:
• Selected Candidate Information
• Full Zoning and Permitting Analysis
• Search Ring and Site Specific Photos
• Detailed Site Sketch

Each SCIP has gone through our quality assurance process to verify the provided information and insure its accuracy.

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